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Boomer Ball: The Ultimate Street Game Book


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Remember all the great street games from back in the day like boxball, step ball, wall ball, wire ball and stick ball? All we needed was a ball and a wall or a few friends and we could keep ourselves entertained for hours. Fred Lavner takes you back in the past for a light-hearted look at the games we played, the balls we played with, the history and mystery of the origin of street games, and plenty of guidance on how to go out and re-play the games for both boys and girls all over again--Stickball, Halfball, Boxball, Wireball, Stepball, Wallball, Hit the Penny, Running Bases, Monkey In The Middle, Baby In The Air, Catch In The Hat, "A" My Name Is Alice, Mimsy, Hit The Hole and many more! Boomer Ball contains over 100 illustrated pages.